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Does this Video editing Software really Works, A Detailed Videomakerfx review.

In this videomakerfx review i will analyzing the latest video animation software called videomakerfx.Online video marketing was one of the most popular forms of customer outreach now.Videos interact more with the viewer and had a deeper reach towards the audience. But along with these added benefits there comes the difficult and painful task of video editing which consumes lot of money and time. Since most of the marketers don’t have any in depth knowledge in video editing they find it hard to use any professional video editing software. That is where videomaker Fx comes into the focus and the main reason behind this videomakerfx review was to educate people about this amazing video editor.

The Content of this Video Maker Fx Review are

What is Videomakerfx?

Videomakerfx is a video editing software that was designed to help even the most non tech savvy person to create movies and videos with amazing visual effects.This software can produce an interacting videos with almost professional feeling with in minutes.The amount of time and money this tools will save can be enormous. The software was created by Peter Rozak a video marketing expert himself and since its release last year , the software was an instant hit throughout the media community.
videomakerfx Review

Why I write this VideomakerFx Review?

Well you may have doubt that why should I take time to write this long detailed review about video maker fx .Well its simply because I am using it for 6 months and it really helped to simplify all my editing works and manage to save a lot of time and money for me.So now I want to give something back to the online video monetizing community something back and decided to write my review so that it will help all those who are thing whether they should buy it or not. Well don’t decide until you have finished reading through the whole post.

Does this videomakerfx Review biased?

Absolutely Not!!
I do not have any intention to falsify any unnatural claims about the product .I already state the reason behind why I decided to analyze the product. In fact I do include some inconvenience I found with the software even though they are negligible when comparing to the advantages. You can find that this was not in any fact biased towards the product in any way and I had taken a very good care not to.If you still in doubt of my review then do the following.
  1. Ask other peoples who have used the videomakerfx
  2. Buy the software and return it if you don’t like it since it was covered with money back guarantee with no question asked.

Who is Peter Rozak, the developer of Videomaker Fx?
peter rozak

Peter Rozak was the developer of the software. He himself was a video marketing expert and was a good software developer too. Since he already know the basic needs of a video campaign he included all the features that you would ever requires to be in this video production field and wielded it to a single software that should handle all the jobs. I am very thankful to him who offers such an amazing tool to us.

Benefits Of Videomakerfx

ü  Make videos with just some clicks
ü  Save the time spend for creating videos.
ü  Save Money and work.
ü  Very affordable and easy to use.
ü  Can make almost all types of videos.

These are just some of the numerous benefits of the videomakerfx and if you need more then read on.The another great aspect of the software was its ability to create product review videos which a lot of IM guys use including me.The ease at which videomaker Fx can churn out review videos are amazing.

Best Video Editing Software

So you may be thing if this was the only video creation software available. Well the truth is there are a lot more editing software’s but most of them are simply only capable of producing boring slide show videos .These type of videos does not interact with the audience and have very low conversion rates and lacks attention. This is where the videomaker fx outshines them all and it can create interactive videos and can even be used to create kick ass video sales letters from scratch.
Following is a table showing some of the alternatives of videomaker fx and their features

Light Works
Adobe Premier Pro
Learning Curve
Very Good
Very Good
Video Sales Letters
Not Supported
Youtube Friendly
Time taken
Time Consuming

Thus you can now clearly understand that the other software’s are not specifically designed for video marketing and most of them are online and requires monthly payments. So its better to get the best  rather than to spend enormous time trying to learn other general editing software’s.

videomaker Fx review pic

Where to buy Videomakerfx?

The best way to get it was by visiting this official link that directly goes to the discounted sales page. There are numerous fasle copies that claims to be original site beware of those sites. There are no videomakerfx trials offered till now since it has a risk free money back policy. Always ensure that you are on the correct website before ordering the pack. Use the https version of the website to be extra safe.
Sometimes there are a lot of fake or phishing websites out there whose sole purposes were to mislead people. Many such scam sites can be found claiming to be providing additional discount. Beware of such schemes and always use the official link from the vendor itself. Better be safe than sorry!!
a name="videomakerfx_recurring">Is this a Onetime fee or does videomakerfx requires monthly payment?
Many other video animation softwares charges a monthly fee like a membership sites.But here the creators of videomakerfx only charges a onetime fee that includes all the future updates and excellent customer service. This means once you have purchased the software you need not spend any more money for any updates or theme packs.

What about the tutorials and learning time to use the software?

Of course there are a lot of high end professional animation and video editing tools out there.but in order to create a decent video using these softwares may need a lot of time and patience.They may also require a steep learning curve.that is where videomakerfx surpasses its alternatives.Using this software even your grandma can create a video in 5 minutes or so.Good  bye to all those strainfull eyes and hours of tutorials.All the customization we needed for the video creation are present in simple point and click fasion.

Some of the awesome features I like to mention in this videomakerfx review are

  • Fully customizable text with a lot of preset fonts and designs
  • Beautiful backgrounds greatly enhance just about any video or presentation. You can match your branding & style instantly.
  • Animated backgrounds and call to action buttons
  • Turn off features that you don’t want to use.
  • A collection of 20 loyalty free music tracks than can be used in your videos
  • Additionally you can use your own music tracks or images.

videomakerfx benifits

About the copyrights of the created videos

Since we all live in an age of iron lock copy right rights and rules, you should be careful while creating your videos so that you own the full rights. With videomaker Fx you own the full rights for all the videos you have created. No need to worry about the painful laws and infringement issues about you clips. You not only purchase the product but also owns  the videos created using it. Also if you like to sell your services or want to sell your videos created using videomakerfx you are free to do so. This alone can get the money invested with in days!

About using in more than one PC.

So if you’re wondering whether you can use it on both your laptop and pc then don’t worry anymore because with videomakerfx you get the license to use it on two computers.That means you can use it on both your personal computer and lap.

System requirements of Videomaker Fx.

The videomakerfx does not requires any special system requirements or fancy configurations.It will work on both Mac and windows version and can be also loaded with your old pc  with out any problem.The program is very lite and does not rquire graphics card.This was very good factor since there are many occasions when I had purchased some fancy games or high tech software but ends up not using them since my age old pc does not support it ( I know that I should upgrade it J).Any way you wont face any such issues for this software .It is light and swift and does the job efficiently.If your system is very old like a Pentium 2 etc then it may take a few seconds more to process theout put video but still gets the job done.

Money Back guarantee and Conditions.

Well I should change the word conditions since I don’t find any condition regarding the money back guarantee of video maker Fx.You literally ask for money back and they give back your money. The JVZoo had a very great reputation about them so you can trust their guarantee.But I don’t have to use money back guarantee on videomakerfx and they have almost zero returns record that alone suggests the quality of the service they offers.

Videomakerfx Discount Options.

While writing the videomakerfx review I just googled a little bit to check if there was any discounts available with it so that the readers can use it.But I was startled but the results. Almost all of the websites are thin affiliates sites that use almost auto generated content. They offer discounts butin the end will collect your email and personal information. So I contacted the videomakefx support teams and ask about any discount options. They told they only gives discount options through their official site and deny any such news. This was shocking since all the other shitty affiliate sites are just trying to get you personal info.Also there seems to be a lot of sites which offers videomakerfx cracks and videomakerfx free download. Trust me friends there no such thing.All you will end is some nasty trojens and keyloggers.SO don’t fall for all those scam  sites.

Videomaker Fx Addons and additional giveaways.

The additional add-ons you receive along with the videomakerfx are
·         Powerful VideoMakerFX Software
You're getting the most powerful and complete package for creating beautiful and engaging videos for your audience or clients. Value easily $297!
·         Full Resell and Monetization Rights!
We're in the business to make money, provide for our families, provide value for others and build the life style we want. You will have the tool to make awesome videos, so you can sell and market your video creation services with no restrictions. Value of at least $299 for each video you make!
·         Over 35 themes consisting of more then 240+ scenes for your videos
Each with fully customizable elements. Themes range from the most basic to produce beautiful video sales letters quickly to full blown explainer style videos.
Value of at least $5075 (35 themes x average video theme price of $135)
·         Over 20 Professional Royalty Free Music Track Included!
Use them for any of your VideoMakerFX projects with full rights to use them in all the videos you produce! 
Value at least $197
·         Beautifully Designed Graphics and Backgrounds
Every video or presentation should have a great background and graphics set that should complement and highlight the content your presenting. We include over 100 different beautiful backgrounds and even more graphics!
Value at least $97

Video Maker fx download.

All the download of the software was through the official website only.If yu have trouble afinding it here is a direct download for videomakerfx with their own discount options.And finally for all of you ho are expecting a videomakerfx cracks or hacks there was no such thing as the software was impossible to crack and their team actively updates the software so its waste to try crack the software.
Videomakerfx Review

Videomakerfx Pro themes.

Videomakerfx professional theme pack is an additional package which contains a lot of professionally created templates designed but designers.This was intended to provide a much simpler and faster way to creat the videos.Currenlty they are offered as an additional package and I purchased it recently and wouldrecommend buying it too.But if just want to create your own unique templates you may not require it and you can always buy it later

Videomakerfx Review The Conclusion

So now you have finished reading my videomakerfx review I doubt anyone should have any doubt about buying it.But the review is mainly based upon my own experience and I cannot guarantee that you will also feel the same way.But with just for a mere price it has I doubt that any body will disagree with me.So my final verdict is just try the videomakerfx demo if available and view some sample videos of videomakerfx here so that you can understand what I was talking about.Good Luck Amigos!

videomakerfx download

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